Eurotour 2014 with Alex Dehmel: Chapter 5 – Spain
edit: gerald abram / dropout films

after peyragudes, which was the last race of eurotour 2014 we travelled around spain for a couple more weeks. it was a great time and the perfect ending of the summer. i will upload some pictures and the last part of the travel report soon. enjoy the edit!

Southern Lines #3 “El Parra”

A guy with a smile on his face 90% of the time. That’s Iván Parra from Málaga, Andalucía, Spain. This young gun has been skating for 2 years, his style is getting better by minutes. The sun, the hills and good vibes within the crew make a perfect environment to develop his riding.

After the trip, Pablo sent in this video of Iván riding a narrow, steep and gnarly hill just15 minutes from of home, just a paradise to visit