Eurotour 2014 with Alex Dehmel: Chapter 5 – Spain
edit: gerald abram / dropout films

after peyragudes, which was the last race of eurotour 2014 we travelled around spain for a couple more weeks. it was a great time and the perfect ending of the summer. i will upload some pictures and the last part of the travel report soon. enjoy the edit!

Gnarlicante #2 Pablo Quiles

In Europe we have an ammount os sick roads, discovered and unkown hills all over the place, give to us the oportunity to uprade your skills and enjoy as the guy on the video. Lets remember this spot, try to find it, contact the locals and bomb it! europeans gems are around waiting to be shreder

Southern Lines #3 “El Parra”

A guy with a smile on his face 90% of the time. That’s Iván Parra from Málaga, Andalucía, Spain. This young gun has been skating for 2 years, his style is getting better by minutes. The sun, the hills and good vibes within the crew make a perfect environment to develop his riding.

After the trip, Pablo sent in this video of Iván riding a narrow, steep and gnarly hill just15 minutes from of home, just a paradise to visit

Southern lines #2 Lloyd Brown


The south of Europe is full of treasures as we can see lately on the community. So many good longboarders are appearing from the south and a ton of others are going there to meet and skate with them. Everyone with the same objective, skate during the winter.

This time Pablo talks about the Southern Community: ” If you are skating in europe, you should have one of these guys in your contact database. Lately, more and more longoboarders in spain are doing it good, pushing their local enviroments to have a real community going on. It is impressive to see how this guys from the south are still going, there is no local shop supporting the events, they just meet from 7 different provinces in Malaga to skate all together. The time there was awesome, i came back with good memories and i’m keen to go back soon, the area is full of hills and the dudes are so good, there are no more reasons to convince anyone to go.”

Shred ‘o’ Grande is the crew from the south, Loyd and Samuel are the guys behind the media, location help and organization of events. In this video, Lloys show us a local run where they normally have around 20 degress and few traffic.

Stay tuned to see what have not happened at ISPO2015!!!

Southern Lines #1


Last week our Spain ambassador Pablo and ‘the young gun’ Melvin drove to southern Spain to have a meeting with Shred ‘o’ Grande Crew, a longboard community from Andalucia. Malaga and Cadiz were the provinces selected to bomb. Samuel and Lloyd from Cadiz and Victor and Ivan from Málaga showed them around for the week.

There, the scene is pretty big, the conditions are perfect to ride some hills away of the big cities enjoying the sun. Shred o Grande is pushing the longboard community organizing events and hooking up the foreigners to stay in the area. These guys are doing it so good, conecting all the skaters around and giving to them a way to continue skating.

The area looks perfect to enjoy a longboard trip during winter as we could see on the pictures they’ve sent to us

Ivan Parrales mounting his Sabre to shred the hill in front of the sea looking to Africa

Adan Alacarcón from Mallorca, on the Omen


Victor Reyes toesiding the left hand corner





During the trip they met Erik Lundberg who was taking some good footage. This will be ready soon stay tuned!

Eurotour 2014 with Alex Dehmel: Chapter 4 – Kozakov & French Alps

edit: marina welsch / dropout films – words / shitty phone pictures: alex dehmel

after the almabtrieb cleanup team finished its work in record time we started our journey towards prague on monday afternoon. like every year most of the skaters meet at the mystic skatepark right in the middle of prague on a small river island. when we got there, the americans were already there shredding the bowl. people got together and everybody had a super fun time.
reini, hertler and the other germans were signed up for the extra freeride day in kozakov on tuesday, so they left for kozakov after skating while dillon, elena and me decided to stay in a hostel for the night to get some shit done in the morning. we were really tired of skating, travelling and cleaning up so we just got some food and then safely fell asleep in our hostel.
after some lurking on free wifi at mcdonalds and doing some laundry we decided to leave the center which was overcrowded by tourists.
two wifi&grocery stops later we arrived at kozakov in the afternoon, right after the freeride session.
most of the riders have already been skating the whole day and were stoked on good weather and many runs.

safety meeting with juergen, tristan, janko and basti at a beautiful viewpoint
safety meeting with juergen, tristan, janko and basti at a beautiful viewpoint

kozakov is located in the beatiful hilly north of the czech republic close to the town turnov. i’m going to this event since they started as the igsa european championships back in 2009 and hope to be able to return there for many more years. the track is one of the most challenging i’ve ever raced on. the first straight blows you into a dangerous righty at around 90km/h. it is really hard to hit the good line in that turn because you have to break a bit to avoid the hay on the outside but breaking too much will leave you creeping through the next big left hairpin. i’ve seen many scetchy manouvers and crashes there. i’m still not able to get that turn the way i would like to.

after the first right-left combo you’ll face “forest right”. another  super challenging turn, thats what i usually do there: i try to break as gentle as possible but in 90% of the cases it will still be too much. the turn is flat in the middle and almost uphill at the exit so i’m creeping out of it like a snail.. the other option would be an approach to grip it without any sliding or footbraking. forget this option if you’re a heavy guy.. you will scrub at some point leaving you either in the hay or in snail-mode. race situations before that corner sometimes become hectic because some people speedcheck the righty and some the left bend before (i think it doesn’t really matter which option you choose as long as you don’t blow ot..) after that one it drops into a banked and steep left hairpin. the exit speed out of that corner has already decided many heats. it is followed by the final straight which has about 1km. the last corner is a slight right bend which you want to take as fast as possible. it’s a lot of fun but asks for all your bravery: to get the maximum speed you have to try to take it with full tuck at around 90km/h.

2014-07-25 09.57.16
good morning hertler – time to kick some ass!

kozakov is not only known for it’s super gnarly track. the party is legendary and in the last few years it also got really famous among the local kids. they show up for the party in big numbers- cool to see that more and more locals get into the kozakov-thing but it also has some negative effects: the later the night, the more brawls you see between locals or even locals and skaters. also, the organizors told us to take care of our stuff and leave no expensive things in our tents or cars (so where are we supposed to put them, we only have tents and cars =D).

dillon enjoying the finals
dillon enjoying the finals

a character who is known for both his ability to shred the gnarliest hills and to party the gnarliest parties like no one else is -who else- master sebastian hertler. he always did really good at this event but something always happened to keep him from winning. this time he was prepared better than never before. he was having a good time, was in perfect shape and the new cult rapture protos which seem to be the fastet and grippiest racing wheel in this dimension arrived just in time. mr hertler won the qualifying with no effort and seemed to be ready to take that win like never before.

the semis were pretty dramatic. juergen gritzer and byron essert (both in first heat) had a bad crash in the last turn (see the last seconds of this video) while hertlers second heat was already started. hertler crashed into the hay but his heat had to be repeated because the crash of byron&juergen caused a red flag.  hertler took the opportunity and made it to the finals. the rest is history. big congratz to hertler for his first world cup win!

2014-07-26 22.28.20
connor wants a kiss too

after everybody sobered up the next morning, our convoi got ready for the most important part of the eurotour: freeriding the alps! i was waiting for this since i started the trip and couldn’t be happier to skate my favourite spots soon. we drove straight south, through austria and into the dolomites, where we spent the first night at secret campsite we found a couple years ago. unfortunately it was raining the next day and we were not able to the morning session at one of our favorite spots. we didn’t want to lose more time so we decided to cross the italian po basin and directly enter the french alps, the best place on earth(that i have seen so far) to do downhill skateboarding.

breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

our first stop was one of the famous big “cols”. i have already stayed there a couple times with ze germans, usually we pitch our tents there for at least a couple days. it is sorrounded by beatiful nature without too many people around and it’s also pretty easy to find a hidden campspot at the river.

we arrived at night and woke up early because we were excited to finally skate that beautiful mountain pass. unfortunately it began to rain when we drove up after breakfast. we did two or three runs until it became to wet to skate safely at a comfortable speed.

we then encountered the fact that we didn’t have any kind of roof or tarp to make a shelter. we started to collect branches and evergreens to build our own camp shelter in the woods. in the end it actually helped to keep the rain away and we celebrated our roofing ceremony with some shotguns! during the next days, the weather cleared up and we were finally able to enjoy the hill at maximum level. before we left, team spoky&kyle arrived at the spot. it is always a pleasure to meet other people from the eurotour along the way. we did some runs together, shared our stories about what happened since the last race, our old camp became new housemates and we headed out.

full run from the last day:

setting up
setting up
view from my tent
view from my tent – of course we always take all our garbage to the bin. leave no trace in the nature!
doing laundry
doing laundry

after a bit of scouting for new stuff and visiting some smaller freeride spots (we also went to the “opinel”-museum!) we moved on southwards along the route of the big passes. at the next “col” we ran into a crew of other skaters again. team these and a bunch of other racers have already been staying there for some days and were about to leave to the next spot. of course we had a massive session before they left =)

exploring the bunker
exploring the bunker

the next day we ran into the legendary french alps local and good friend seb tournissac. him and his friends knew we were there and visited us for another session. after exploring some of the old ww2 bunkers on top of the hill (it was scary as fu**), seb invites us to his house.

he lives in a beatiful village right at the top of the next big alpine pass, where seb organizes the “bomb hard” freeride since two years. after a long time sleeping, eating and shi**ing in the woods we were super thankful for seb offering us his house. for a couple days, it really felt like holidays: sleeping in a bed, taking a real shower, skating a beatiful pass during the day and going to amazing town-fests at night. BIG thanks go out to seb, his wife and daughter for their great hospitality. i’m sure i will return to this place many summers to come…

the days passed by quickly and soon we had to get ready to drive to the other end of france for the final race of the eurotour, peyragudes..