dominik & alex field trip

at this time of the year, all the leaves and vineyards turn golden in the beatiful valley of the river rhine, north of mainz. dominik and michi of the olson&hekmati crew and me cought a sunny day, took the van and some friends and went out to find some new spots.
it turned out that the first hill we found on google maps had almost no incline so we kept on driving. the next hill we found had some nice hairpins and an acceptale steepness but was kind of narrow and had really sketchy pavement. we tried to film two runs with our budget-gopro, then a kind, local craftsman sent us to another hill which he said might be suitable for us.
we were suprised when we found a freshly paved, two-lane road which seemed quite steep and had some (almost flat) hairpins. the backside looked promising too but we were low on time so we just skated a couple runs. one of the fast right sweepers is actually pretty fun!
next time we will check out the backside and some more hills.. i tried to make an edit with the poor footage we got but i think you can kind of guess how the hills felt..


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