Southern lines #2 Lloyd Brown


The south of Europe is full of treasures as we can see lately on the community. So many good longboarders are appearing from the south and a ton of others are going there to meet and skate with them. Everyone with the same objective, skate during the winter.

This time Pablo talks about the Southern Community: ” If you are skating in europe, you should have one of these guys in your contact database. Lately, more and more longoboarders in spain are doing it good, pushing their local enviroments to have a real community going on. It is impressive to see how this guys from the south are still going, there is no local shop supporting the events, they just meet from 7 different provinces in Malaga to skate all together. The time there was awesome, i came back with good memories and i’m keen to go back soon, the area is full of hills and the dudes are so good, there are no more reasons to convince anyone to go.”

Shred ‘o’ Grande is the crew from the south, Loyd and Samuel are the guys behind the media, location help and organization of events. In this video, Lloys show us a local run where they normally have around 20 degress and few traffic.

Stay tuned to see what have not happened at ISPO2015!!!

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