ON the Road: Alex Dehmel Ep.1, Alicante

For Europe, Spain is something like California is for North America. They basically have have no winter, beatiful long coast lines and some really pretty hills to skate on. Also, people in Spain are known for their easy-going attitude. A perfect place to visit for a (Downhill-)Skateboarder.
Since I’m travelling with my Longboard, i’ve made too many trips to spain to count them all. One of the places i will always return to is the home of my very good friend Pablo Quiles. He is one of Spains best Longboarders and always trying to push his Sport and own Limits. Pablos recent project is the “Salsito House”, where he and his buddy David are hosting their friends from all over the world to skate together and enjoy the Salsito-Life. A short report from Alicante..

“One of those Spots is “Longboard Paradise”. It feels almost like in a post-apocalyptic world, where all humans disappeared before they could finish this new part of the city. Now nature slowly starts to take back the place.”

Because of too much work, poorness and general confusion, i arrived in Alicante three days after the rest of my companions. The Risch-Tisch-Tour-Posse, this time represented by Becks Gemperle, Sebastian Hertler, Alex Dietrich and our wise and beloved tripmother Stephan Risch picked me up with Pabo and David. After a heartwarming round of kisses&hugs we rolled towards the mountains.
For some reason, the weather was not on my side the last few times i came to spain and also this time, some dark clouds were hanging in the hills. Fortunately Pablo is Alicantes No.1 local and knows the mountain rage in his province like no on else, so he can always bring you to a dry spot.

One of the many things i have learned on my trips is that travelling with a local can save you a lot of trouble and also gives you a lot more time on your board. It completely takes out parts like spending hours in the car to find good spots or talking to angry locals/police officers in a foreign language. I can advise to nicely contact the locals to anyone who wants to skate in a foreign area.

After some easy-flowing freeride-spots, which was a perfect start to my tired body, i was finally taken to the new Salsito House. I have already visited a couple of “skate houses” but the Salsito was really next level! It’s a very nice, clean and modern house in a new neighbourhood. Theres enough place for many skaters and you have a pool, a sick barbecue place and a steep slidespot right at the house. The best thing is, that there are no neighbours, eventhough everything is full of houses.


I still can’t really tell the exact reason, but before the recession many new neighbourhoods were built in Spain. Unfortunately they went out of money before they could finish all the constructions and now you can find lots of half-finished, emtpy neighbourhoods.¬† But thanks to the corruption in the construction-sector there are also many ghost towns in the mountains where we had the perfect opportunity to take some runs on unused pavement without any traffic.

One of those Spots is “Longboard Paradise”. It feels almost like in a post-apocalyptic world, where all humans disappeared before they could finish this new part of the city. Now nature slowly starts to take back the place. It is a fun Spot with many downhill-roundabouts where you can turn onto different ways, so every run is different. If you turn wrong you don’t get to the bottom and you might get lost, pretty funny!

Compared to spots like Tenerife, the Alps or other recently hyped spots you won’t find tons of gnarly 30km runs in Alicante. Most of the mountains are at around 1000m but their faces are steep enough to make people build streets that are steep and windy enough to be just perfect to skate on. Skating Alicante with Pablo means you just have to say what kind of hill you would like to skate and he for sure comes up with a spot that perfectly fits to what you asked for. There are way to many spots to skate them in one or two weeks, a good reason for me to come back as soon as possible.

On this trip, our time ran out way too short, but i can’t remember anything negative. Staying at the Salsito is staying with good friends and skating the Costa Brava mountains with the Salsito-Crew is a lot of fun but also a very good chance to improve your downhill-skateboarding skills. I’m really thankful for having all those good friends of skate and the opportunity to go to so many awesome places.. I will be back soon!


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