partyON: Flatspot Stuttgart Opening


Last friday our friend mo from stuttgart invited to the opening of his new skateshop and everybody followed his call.
Due to some traffic and a lack in concentration we arrived some hours late at about 7:30pm when the crowd was already in partymode.
But since this was a meeting of skaters there were even more people missing for a while like the pogo guys and alex from constance.

It was one of the first big meetings of the german scene in 2014. There was also the freeride in großerlach happening the next day not far from stuttgart, so everybody was in a good mood and happy to see the crowd.

The shop is located in one of the last old houses standing right next to a huge construction site – a ridiculous contrast.
The interior is a nice diy-job with a lot of nice details, graffiti, a screenprintig-area and even a miniramp!!

As all the beer was gone the crowd from inside the shop and the skater flat share above it left to get lost in the city…